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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Instant Credit Cards

One thing about applying for credit cards that I do not like is the time delay and be subjected to credit checks and numerous calls to me asking a hundred and one questions. Well, at least that was what I went through. So it was to my delight to know that I can actually apply for instant credit cards and know within a few seconds of hitting the SUBMIT button, if my application for a credit card is approved or rejected.

If it is rejected, I can apply for my second best choice at once, which I am not able to do should I apply for a conventional credit card where correspondence is by mail. Any rejection notice would only come weeks later and by then, I would feel like I don't need a credit card anymore.

At, I am able to easily compare the various instant credit cards available in the market. Ready and easily accessible information like this help me tremendously in making an informed decision in which instant credit card to apply for.

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