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Friday, March 30, 2007

HighFivez.com The Blog Guide

Being an active blogger with multiple blogs, I have often wondered where I can easily read various blogs without going all over the internet searching for quality blogs. I was thinking more like blogs that are submitted to a directory for ease of search and read. I would rather read blogs by ordinary folks than by the heavyweights in the blogosphere because blogs by the ordinary people like myself are more real.

I was delighted to come across a blog guide at
HighFivez.com. At this site, bloggers get to submit their blogs to the directory which I think is good for the exposure that it can gain the blogger. Besides submitting blogs as a whole, the blogger can also choose to submit blog post. This will of course be of great benefit to the blogger thanks to the added exposure.

When one has submitted the blog post, the post will be open for voting by other members. A positive vote is called a HighFive while a negative vote is a Pound. I looked through the posts and read those with high number of HighFives and I must say, that is a good indication of the quality of the posts. It must be because the votes are based on the honest opinion of fellow members and not robots that simply vote.

With a site like HighFivez, I am able to search and view blog posts sorted by categories, tags and languages. Most of all, I can keep track of my favorite blogs in a central place.

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