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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Free Travel Guides

Image courtesy of Travel Brochure Center

I know there are people who collect travel brochures. I too used to collect but I gave up as there were too many and as I could not afford to go to every place, they began to taunt me. So I stopped my hobby. When I have the time and money to go for extensive holidays, I will once again start collecting travel brochures.

Anyway, I came across Travel Brochure Center, a website that offers free travel guides to popular destinations in the United States including Hawaii and Alaska, and her neighbour, Canada.

These popular places are divided into regions so it is very easy to locate the travel guides of your desired cities. Just click on the little box to select the travel guide and fill in your particulars at the bottom of the page in the form provided.

If you would like to view more images of a particular place, click on the little thumbnail image and that's it.

This offer is currently only available to American and Canadian addresses.

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