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Thursday, March 15, 2007

$5000 Remodel, Blog & Win Contest

I came across this perfect contest for bloggers who are in the process of doing home improvements. Spring is here and I am pretty sure many people are doing just this! That's why I think this is one of the best contests for bloggers. They stand a chance to win serious cash prizes in the Remodel, Blog & Win contest just by doing the things they normally love to do, improving thier homes and blogging about it. Don't we all bloggers do that? I know I do.

Please take note that although anyone can participate, the chance to win cash prizes is only open to legal residents above 18 years old of North America, excluding residents of the Province of Quebec, Canada.

The contest has already startd on 1st March 2007 and will end on 24th August, 2007. The results will be announced on 1st September, 2007. Who will win? We can only guess. From the entries that have already been received to date, I must say that everyone has an equal chance.

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