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Saturday, March 31, 2007

1st Annual Readers' Choice Survey

My sister is going to Phoenix, Arizona for a holiday and wants to know the best places to dine out. Coincidentally, AZcentral, the very popular website, has a new feature called Chow & Tell where the best places are unearthed by the professional AZcentral street team. My sister is very happy to be recommended such high quality Phoenix restaurants where she could try out when she is on holiday there.

While I was checking out AZcentral to pass this information to my sister, I was happy to see the new "AZcentral's Best". This is like a popularity voting contest involving every reader. Readers are supposed to vote for the best spots in Phoenix to eat, shop, play or just plain relax.

You can vote now in the 1st annual readers' choice survey as it has already started on March, 13th and will end on 10th April, 2007.

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